A Kingdom Without a King

Yep, its that self hating topic again why I hate the Church… Wow that sounds harsh. Ya know, what ever happened to loving God with all your heart, mind and soul, and your neighbor as yourself. How easy can it be people. Why must we assess everything we read or see, why must we compare ourselves with each-other.

Tonight I reflect upon the way several of my friends are paralyzed by other Christians ministers. As if they are the ones who are to be commended. It’s like a disease and I find myself fighting to get away from it. It comes in the form of jealousy and envy, covetousness and pride. All running rampant in the Church of God.  Aren’t we suppose to be spotless and blameless. We can’t even receive grace with grace.     

Now it may seem that I am overstating the facts here, but I believe if we postured ourselves correctly, Our world (Work place, School, Neighborhood) would be so much better off. We have to realize that God is the founder and creater of the Church, not us. We have to realize that He has a will for His church and our opinion of it doesn’t really matter to Him.

During a recent conversation A friend of mine who has been recently divorced told me of a comment a neighbor made to her children. “Because your mother has been divorced She’s going to hell”. When My friend approached the other mother, and the woman stood by her statement, that she was going to hell. Now I don’t know about you but you could cuss my grandpa’s grave and not get me any madder.   

Can I reintroduce a concept to you all for reference sake. Its called the “Gospel”, the “Good News”.  You see scripture teaches that we are born into sin, that we are born into condemnation. That is where “the world” stands all by itself, “the world” doesn’t need our arrogance and it doesn’t need our opinion either. The world doesn’t need our “Christian T-Shirts” or our stupid bumper stickers.  You know what the world needs it needs my beautiful Jesus, Who died for the sins of the world. You see Jesus came to free the captives, to preach the kingdom to the outcast, the lame, the sick, and the sinners. You see… the world can do bad all by itself it doesn’t need us to reiterate what it instinctively knows. We have to show love and mercy, kindness and compassion, self sacrifice and humility, faithfulness and long-suffering.

So what has gotten into our system that makes us so focused on each-other, or on some pastor in Michigan or LA…..    What is it that has gotten our focus off of evangelism and into being “cool”…..     I’ll tell you what it is, its “the devil” and as long as we keep our heads out of our Bibles and our knees off of the floor we will continue to BELIEVE LIES and our churches will be as powerless as KINGDOM WITHOUT A KING.


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