By Bread Alone?

While Re-reading Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard this week I ran across a scripture that we are all familar with. Man Shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedth from the mouth of God (Note the KJV in there). And like all scripture there are multiple depths of meaning to be extracted as the Holy Spirit reveals them to us.

While Willard was speaking of the influence Christ Jesus has on our internal lives.  I begin to think about the beginning of that verse “Man shall not live by bread alone…“. It seems that we are born into a culture that trys to survive on bread alone. Until I knew God I was living in the gym, I was seeking the next party, I was going to buy some more cigarettes, I was seeking to fulfil the desire of the flesh. These things only fulfilled my stomach, my temporary need. There was no depth to my life, only the next “fix”.

So today I pray for those who are so caught up in their jobs that there is not room or energy for God. I pray for those who are seeking fulfillment in alcohol and drugs. I pray for those whose hobbies replace time with the Father. I pray for a new spark in our relationship with the Father. I pray for a date night where we renew our vows to God. Father I want to live and live more abundantly. I want people to see you over flowing like a fountain from your children, full of life, and love, and peace. May you be lifted high as your children are reuniting to the vine Christ Jesus.

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone…


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