The Otherness of God

“The Lord’s voice is always accompanied by His presence” David Wilkerson once preached. It has been a great pursuit in my life to hear the voice of the Lord. The things I have heard Him say have shaped my life. Once I heard him say that he “Loved more than I can imagine”; I admit It doesn’t seem all that exciting because it isn’t like scripture doest reveal that to us. But to hear those words from the mouth of the Father… To be affirmed by God himself, it tore me up inside, I wept and wept over those simple words, words that my heart longed to hear.

As a part of my calling to the world is to teach prayer, I lead a small group of selected saints in prayer. We get together and faithfully the Lord shows up and reveals himself. I believe that a lot takes place in that room that we may or may not be inclined to understand. For example, Our faith is built by hearing others pray, Our prayers are heard and responded to by God, Our connection to one another is strengthened, and Our ability to know Gods voice is developed.

In the prayer room today I made a connection that I had not made before and thought that you could benefit from it. But first I wanted to lay some ground work.

Have you ever noticed how a blind person uses a stick to tap on the ground. They use it to feel whats around them, but they more importantly use it to hear the sound bounce off of whats around them to get a mental “image” of there surroundings. You may have watched the movie “Ray” about Ray Charles, He used wooden souls on his shoes for this purpose to more clearly hear whats around him. Or maybe you’ve seen “Dare Devil” with Ben Affleck, He loses his sight as a young man and has to rely on his hearing ability to understand and interpret his surroundings. What he hears allows him to “see” his surroundings , not see them with his eyes but know them.

Well a few months ago I realized this is a lot like how we hear God’s voice. God has not spoken to me audibly, But He has spoken to me in a way that I have “heard” it. It was like my heart and mind understood what God was saying but there was not an audible sound. Maybe you have said or heard it said that “God laid something on your heart.” Or “God has impressed this on my heart.” 

So today in the prayer room I was given a vision for someone there. I shared it with that person and the effects and presence of the Lord validated it. But, I learned something today, I have had other visions , yet never really realized that they were not really visual. I beleive that in the same way that hearing God’s voice isn’t “audible” as in the traditional since, so are visions not “visual” in the same since.

This is very helpful to me because all of us are opinionated about the gifts of the spirit. And I believe that it is important not to disregard them or teach contrary to the gifts. I believe that if we read about Christ and all that he did we can see the gifts of the spirit flowing from His ministry. I believe that they are not ever to become primary to any ministry but they are evidence that the same Holy Spirit that functioned in Christ while he was alive and the same Spirit that resurrected Him from the grave is the same spirit that resides in is church.

In conclusion I believe we who seek the Lord with all our hearts, minds, and strength are probably more experiential of the gifts of the spirit that we have given our self credit for.  I pray that you would become more familiar with the evidence of the otherness of God. That our hunger and curiosity for God would not limited to our understanding, but that our understanding would grow in God.

1 John 2:6  Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did.  


One thought on “The Otherness of God

  1. I really enjoyed your meditations and writings. Learning to hear from God is an important subject for victorious Christians. Thank you for your ministry. I would like you to participate in a Wiki I have started, which is really a group blog, because you have Spirit filled insights and could give great additions to minister to other Christians. You can start new pages, then copy and paste your writings in the new section. Blessings – John

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