The Return of the Martyr

Amos 2:11 I also raised up prophets from among your children and Nazerites from among your youths…But you made the Narerites drink wine and commanded the prophets not to prophecy.

What is it about the human race that permeates peer pressure. Every action, every thought has every thing to do with influencing others. We say things that will make people perceive us in the way we want to be perceived. Most of our customs, traditions, language, wardrobes, and everything else, we acquire comes from the influence of others. They say that rock and roll was started by a man who sold his soul for it.

So what makes fitting in so attractive? Why do I get all anxious when I speak to large groups of people? Why do I buy clothing that others will complement me on? Why do I have a tendency to please others even when I know that what will help them will hurt them? Am I being lured into a trap to suffocate my perspective or am I tactfully changing those whom I live life with?

Tonight we went to see a movie about how a deadly desease killed off 90% of the entire world and left 5 percent infected with the disease. Most of the other 5 % that were not infected where devoured by the 5% that were infected. Only a small handful of people were left to defend themselves and try to cure the disease. The infected could not come out into the sunlight because of the disease. The few healthy people who survived had to move in the day very tactfully and soberly. In the place where the lead character lived he made every precaution to prevent any attack on his life. This movie was super suspenseful full of iery scenes that made you want to get up out of the theater and leave. As the lead character was going through the city in search of food his only companion his dog ran into an abandon dark building chasing the deer that they were trying to kill. The lead character went in to the building and found a colony of the infected people where they tried to kill him. He escaped and set up a trap from outside the building. He set the trap on a window seal at the edge of the light to catch one so that he could try to find a cure for the disease. He trapped the infected person and continued. Later on in the movie the lead character was riding though the abandoned city in the day and found a familar statue in a random spot, he approached it and was trapped by the same type device he had used earlier. But the trap that he use took the infected person out of the dark this trap was to keep him until the darkness came where he would become a meal for the deranged people.

Okay, okay, I know this is a very strange plot and movie I admit. But I can’t help but to reflect upon the Christian’s walk in the darkness. The life or death implications that can not be compromised at all cost. It is only when I stay fueled up by my physical discipline to the Father that I can stand tall in the midst of darkness and shine forth radiant light. It is only when I stay prayed up that I can boldly speak the truthful word that’s sets others free. It is only when I become who God has called me to be that the trap set by the enemy is ineffective.

When we drift away from the light and our disciplines falter, our minds become unaware of the validity of the Gospel. We become sidetracked… we become religious. And when we become religious the Gospel becomes a social scheme like that of the world where we are polarized into pleasing each other and fitting in. We begin to wear clothes that other will admire and saying things that makes others think highly of us. Before we know it we are walking around in the dark just like the world wrapped in a dark trap that we can’t get out of. This is where the called people of God must stand up for truth. We must see through the deception by the Lord’s light. We must take A stand and fulfill our Nazerite vow we must prophecy what the Lord has laid on our hearts, we must take a stand to save those who can’t understand that they are in the darkness.

We must take this life seriously and be willing to be killed like our Lord Jesus Christ. 


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