The Christmas Story (The Pearl of Great Price)

Isaiah 42:1-2

Here is my servant whom I uphold My chosen one in whom I delight I will put my spirit on Him and He will bring justice to the nations He will not shout or cry out or raise his voice in the streets.

Christ the soon coming King, as us evangelicals like to pronounce came first in the manger. I’m sure the religious people of His day were saying things like “Just when our Messiah comes”… Or “everything will be alright when the Messiah comes”… But Christ Jesus came and only the few noticed. A group of astrologers/sorcerers, a number of farm animals, and a few shepards who no one knew or had any influence in the community.

He came alright and in the first embark into ministry He was led into the wilderness to tempted, and one of the temptations was to throw himself from the Temple and create a miracle to pronounce His presence. But this was not the way. He did not come to build a mega church and have everyone like him. He came to twelve and one of the twelve and the religious leaders killed him.

Christ has come again this Christmas season to those of us who can see him. In fact he comes everyday on the margins of our lives. He waits for us to recognize Him… to call on Him. Just like the parable of the pearl of great price, He waits in the fields of our lives each day desiring to be discovered.

May His simple and pervasive (current) glory be revealed to you today. Just as Paul proclaims all of creation screams of Him. Lord we need you.. we know you are here. Not a one time thing of coming, dieing and leaving; But we believe your purpose was to be with us. To be God will us, camping out in the tabernacle of our hearts showing us where to go and how to live. We love you Lord and Believe in you. We believe you died for our sins and we accept the fullness of your presence here and now. Be exalted. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.


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