Questions About the Unseen

What is the deal with spiritual disciplines that make such a difference in the spiritual life? What is happening in the unseen when I surrender my heart to God the Father through the Holy Spirit by the blood of Christ Jesus?

About a month ago I had a bout with the disciplines where somehow I backed off for one reason or the other and immediately I felt the ball drop in my life. It was as if I had maintained such a stark disciplined life that it was like I was a secret agent in deep cover and I made some kind of mistake that made me become venerable to attack. What I have learned in the past is that if I want to lift a certain amount of weight I must train my body to be able to do that. I must fulfill the required strength training to provide the results I desire. I believe that the same applies to our spiritual lives that if God is calling you to a certain ministry then he will need you to put yourself in a position to gain the spiritual “strength” required to achieve the task.

But how does this all play out theologically? How does this principle relate to the unsaved? Or to those who knew Christ but have turned away? If by the blood I am free from the bondage of sin why does it seem sometimes that there is a war going on over my actions? If Christ destroyed the works of the devil on the cross why is it as if I am in the middle of warfare? To what extent am I empowered to push back the darkness? With the right perspective, faith and posture can I blanket a prayer for total regions and the result will be mind-blowing?

I have heard the voice of a demon coming from a person as I entered a Harris Teeter after an extremely intense prayer meeting and it threw me back. The unseen is real maybe more real that we want to imagine. But what does it look like? What does the thrown look like and the angels?

I’m glad we serve a mysterious God who is more real that the vocabulary we can configure to doubt him.   


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