Letter to the Pharisee

To My Dear Friend,

It has been great to know you so well and be in such agreement with who God has been making you in to. But I do not write to endorse your current lifestyle but I write to rebuke it.

You live your life with such utter self satisfaction that I believe you are killing us both. Not only is it killing your on ability to see the Kingdom but is has devastating effects on your “hearers”. Have you ever read the be-attitudes? Have you ever stepped out side of your door to see poor and dying people? Or have you pacified the spirit of God by Church attendance and tithes? Are you really ministering to people or are you just satisfying your own mind by telling them about your beliefs?

I writing because I am sick and tired of your resistance to God’s will for your life. You have been recently confronted with the broken people of the world and I believe you have promise to become a true Disciple, but you must step away from what the people around you say and do in this regard. You must learn the yoke of Christ and go back and teach it to the masses.

What has led you to think that the world somehow is a happy place with no issues. Have you been sitting on you big house on the hill for too long? Are you on the nice side of town now? Do you have a gun to shot those who persecute you? Corinthians writes, who knows the spirit of man but the man himself, but we have the spirit of God in which we know God. So if you know the mind of God why do you resist? Are you living so outside of his spirit that you don’t even know what he is saying anymore?

I am suggesting that you wake up. Actually I am demanding that you wake up and follow Christ or just hang it up because I just can’t continue to be your friend anymore if you don’t start picking up your cross.

 It breaks my heart to write with such power but you know as well as I that this message can only be received on you knees and will only be effective if taken seriously.

With Love You Friend,


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