Don’t Even Look to the Right or Left: a response to a political e-mail I received

About two weeks ago, I had just come from a prayer meeting that was rich with the presence of God, when I stopped by a coffee shop next to the comic book store on 7th street. When I got there I walked straight to the bathroom, while I was washing my hands a gentleman banged on the door and kind of startled and frustrated me. I opened the door wondering who would do such a thing. When I opened the door a round sweaty man rushed passed me and said “what were you doing taking a s#!t”.
I walked out into the store and was circling around trying to find words and grasping for peace. About that time the man came back out, and I said, “Sir, I’m sorry if I frustrated you.” He smiled with a venomous grin and said, “I’m not frustrated with you, Your just a liberal and I’m a conservative.” After that he preached his gospel of right wing conservativism. Of which I found very entertaining and just listened to the man; and more than that I was listening to what the Lord wanted me to say.
Finally, I had a chance to speak and this is what the Lord gave me to say, “Sir, you are mistaken, I am not a liberal, nor am I a conservative, I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.” I continued to explain to him that the Kingdom of God is very political and very present. My allegiance is first and foremost to the one who paid the price for my salvation.
Brothers and Sisters, we serve a mighty King who reigns in faithfulness, choosing justice and righteousness for His children. He is always faithful and never will let us down. “At the end of this election the person in the white house will not be the anti-christ nor will he be the Messiah.”
I challenge you to render to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, and render God to what is God’s. 
Jason G.


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