He Makes All Things New

Well I sit in front of the computer today for the first time in long while to Blog. A few months ago my Saturday was my Sabbath and my blog was my weekly baby… today this is not the case. I now have two of my best friends in the world that would rather have my attention on Saturday mornings, and now I am a seminary student.

Today this new look on this site is a reminder that I am in a new season and am preparing for a new way of blogging. Before I felt the need to feed people through this blog, but with the way my schedule is I plan on using this to just vent, share, and express some of my thoughts; so if you have been reading this for a devotion I’m sorry I can’t continue that kind of pace especially while I am being shook so hard by the theology I have been learning.

It has amazed me at the folks who write some of the theology I have been reading it seems that you don’t have to be saved to write it. That is not the norm; most of what I am reading is like a long walk with the Lord. Most recently I have been reading a book entitled The Doctrine of Humanity by Sherlock, kinda fundamental thoughts, but amazingly refreshing putting together the creation, the fall, and the new creation forged by Christ.

Work is interesting in that we have a new store manager who is trying to figure me out. I guess it’s only a matter of time before I reveal my true intentions of living life, to bring glory to Jesus Christ. Being around a Christian like me must be hard in the secular environment I’m kind of like the hair in the biscuit. I humble myself so you won’t intimidate me for long. Money and power don’t impress me or sway me. And at some point you can expect an awkward Jesus conversation challenging your worldview. You can’t fire me because I do my job well. I know it sounds weird but this is how the Kingdom looks for me. Life is in high gear, the economy is going down the tubes, But Jesus is as real as ever.


2 thoughts on “He Makes All Things New

  1. I’ve been checking your blog occaisionally for a few months now. This short, random post has been my favourite to date, although I did also like the one about you considering becoming a pistol-packing Christian.
    : )
    I am excited that you and my D have class together and I hope so much that you two form a personal friendship.

  2. Jason, I love the new way you are blogging! I haven’t visited your blog in a while so I was pleasantly surprised. So, please keep venting, sharing and writing from your heart.

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