Creation and the Virgin Birth

(In the past I have done lots of thinking and wrestling with ideas hoping to really change folks. But in light of this new way of blogging I ‘m just going to spill my heart and let you deal with it.)

My professor tonight said that there are still some people in the backwoods of South Carolina who still believe in the six day creation. I understand where he is coming from I have had those debates with highly intelligent people. I understand that the form of text the creation story was written was poetic in form. But…

I have been meditating on the creation and its indirect relation to the virgin birth for some time now. And something inside me tonight just busted open with frustration at such a bold statement; to in one breath preach with conviction the inerrancy of scripture and then says the six day creation is false. Now hear that I am not mad at my professor I am mad at the many people who don’t see the greater implications including him.

Did you know that some folks doubt the virgin birth? They say that because no one in the epistles even mentions that virgin birth that it did not happen that some drunken monk added it after the life of Christ. Some say that some blond headed German slept with Mary as he was passing through, hence the blond Jesus seen in early art. If Jesus wasn’t virgin born than what in the h*&% are we doing? If God did not have the power to create a world in six days then does He have the power to reign it all in at Apocalypse? If Jesus was not born of a virgin then maybe he didn’t resurrect on the third day? Maybe He just moved to the North Pole. Maybe the world will just continue to exist for another 7 million years where we will evolve into super heroes?

Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating. My point is that we are saved by faith… I believe God created the world in 6-24 four days. I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, I believe Jesus died and was resurrected, I believe Jesus will judge everyone who ever existed and recreate the earth to reveal His glory. The scripture is my source of truth in life. We can debate about it until we are blue in the face if one part of the Bible is untrue then what part is true?  Faith people faith!! Who cares what carbon dating says, who cares that it doesn’t make sense. I know God is alive because He lives in me I can’t prove it nor would I want to. But I know it and you can filet my body and burn me at the stake I will not recant. See if an evolutionist will do that, then come back and talk to be about truth.

(My belief of the 6 day creation lies in the belief that Adam was made as a man not a baby he was made with age, so to God did create an earth with an appearance of age)


One thought on “Creation and the Virgin Birth

  1. I grew up believing in a literal 6-day creation. But as an adult with educated friends, my opinion started to waiver and I began to believe that maybe my parent’s theology was wrong. Although I still believed in creation, I wrestled with the idea that maybe 6 days was only symbolic. I decided that it just didn’t matter which way God created the earth – 6 days or millions of years. You’ve just cleared away any indecision I’ve had on this subject. It DOES matter!

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