How Great is the Father’s Love?

I’m off work today, cleaning and straightening, praying and praising, playing and reviling. I have realized today how the love of the Father surpasses understanding.

My dog’s name is Sadie she is the sweetest, smartest dog and I just flat out love that dog. But there is slight problem, She doesn’t know how much I love her and she can’t even receive the ways I know how to show her my love. As I have been thinking of giving her a bath, that she hates, she will surly not love me while I am washing her but she will afterwards as she runs about prancing and stampeding through our small home.

You know I have ran across the same problem with my dearest friends Gabe and Phoenix who are 3 and 2 years old. I love them more than they can know. When I hold Phoenix and give her a hug I just want to hold her like a teddy bear. But before long she gets mad at me and tells me to put her down. I have discovered that I can trick Gabe and Phoenix into letting me love them more, it’s so much fun. Like finding a movie they will like or having conversations with them that allow them to say things that they would not normally say, I find true pleasure in just being with them. I told my wife that if we had kids that I could love as much as Gabe and Phoenix I would be happy.

You know what, strangely enough I have come to a sacred place recently where I have said and can say that I love women. Don’t misunderstand me here I have always love women in the heterosexual sense, but I am talking about the ability to look at a friend at work and see Phoenix in her to be able to love with a holy love that is from the Father. It is a great place to be, but just as in my dog and Gabe and Phoenix there are perimeters that I can not cross. We have a bible study at our house on Tuesdays which most of the people there are women I have learned that in most settings a high five or a hand shake the is extent of the physical appreciation that can be shared, although even at this moment I weep for there souls and long to see them come to the fullness of Christ.

In most Church settings I find that I have to temper my zeal for the people around me. And it hurts me, I just love the people around me they are so precious to me they pour into me and entertain my ignorance. It is just sometimes too hard to maintain coolness when I feel how much God loves the people around me.

If you have ever wondered about God’s love….  If you have ever questioned where He is and why He is not showing His face?  Maybe you haven’t been looking in the right place. Maybe His love is just too big to comprehend. Maybe you haven’t been aware enough to just stop…. and wait…. He is telling you that He loves you. If you doubt it and you wanted him to use one of your “love languages” He hasn’t He has chosen the cross.


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