I Like to Potty!

Lost 100 dollars on my 403b account over the last quarter… does anyone have a strong rope and a stool? Filed as a Christian on my new voter card in the party section… they filed me as Republican… I laughed… hard.

It’s potty time at my house!!! The language, the culture, it is priceless. I could imagine an American Express commercial with diapers and Elmo potty time movie with dollar signs next to them and in the final shot a little kid pooing on the potty and the slogan priceless running across the screen. The guidelines are set, a reward for a successful trip to the bathroom or a spanking for an unsuccessful trip. The tension is high and emotions are rolling any moment can result in a breakdown.

Anyways watched an Elmo’s potty time movie yesterday, it was amazingly, awkward, and weird. To hear multiple characters talk of urination, number ones and numbers twos, songs about how accidents happen. The kid’s expressions were amazing. Up to that point Gabe had been scared of the bathroom. Up to that point the unspoken room in the house where weird untold things happened had gone on as mysterious.

Well while waiting in the car for T at the grocery store I realized something about prayer. Prayer is one of the unspoken things that happens all the time, but no one ever really speaks openly about it. This kind of treatment of prayer results in the myths like little kids get about the potty “that there are monsters in there.”

Well as I said the tension is high and we have number ones and twos happening so I will end this blog here, but I’m sure there will more stories to tell.  


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