Parable of House on Stilts (Follow Up)

The man who built the house is us. The tsunami is God. We in our pride and human wisdom try and accommodate God. We do the right things at the right time to make it seem like we understand God. We have an “understanding of how he works” so we calculate just right to make ourselves look good working “with” God. We have a plan for how he will bless us and how potentially he loves those around us. Years are spent figuring out ways to articulate what we have seen of Him. We have calculated how much forgiveness others are worthy of and we categorize them according to abilities and gifts. We live lives that are holy and we “earn” the right to be children of God. We come to terms with how much land God will allot us for our services and then….

The tsunami of God’s love and grace roars over the top of our loftiest thoughts. All of our self established worthiness is wash clean to the d#mn ground. We lay prostrate before Him and wonder how we could be so stupid and so ignorant of the All Mighty.   

We look up from our years of work completely destroyed and see a homeless man smiling at us because he once was were we were and now we are poor in spirit like him. 


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