Our Hands His Glory.

“May he do all that a creation is able to do, to give glory to the creator.” These were the words Arthur Burt prayed over me a while ago at a meeting here in Charlotte. He has aged lately and was not as sharp as he had been in the past but the spirit of God was still very present in his ministry.

Arthur Burt is a man who has been in ministry traveling the globe for the past 75 years and has lived a life that is an offering to God. He has followed the path God has placed before him in a humility and strength that most will never understand. He has seen many signs and wonders ministering a rare message that seems to have been lost in the heart of today’s bride of Christ.

His message is the Glory of God. He has presented this message for years playing himself down and heralding the greatness of Jesus Christ high. From the first time I heard this message I have never been the same.

As of late I have been drawn back to this place of longing for the glory of God. It is a safe place. A very safe place indeed. I find every problem minimal when I posture myself to live for the glory of God. 

Today I have been meditating on our creations that we make or allow in our lives that oppose God. I found myself in Exodus 32 where Moses had gone a top the mount and Aaron and the Israelites decided to make a golden calf god and worship it. Then I found myself thinking of the alter that was formed without brick but with stones that were left natural. Even praying over the way that the Lord did not want to dwell in temples made with hands, but in temples not made with hands. As I ponder these ideas and they swarm my soul I find great comfort in them as well as frustration.

I think of the way ministries are developed in spite of God and how even as one opens another closes. I wonder who I will become and what I want to accomplish and recognize that if I choose to make my own way I will most likely find myself lost and off the path God had chosen for me.

Then I recognize that this important key to spiritual success, the Glory of God, unlocks all of the teachings of Jesus and all that has been laid out for us as Christians. In His Glory we can be children, In His Glory we can pray that the mountain moves into the ocean, In His Glory He can use me to change the future of the World. 

When correctly connected with God we are like a breaker in our house that allows the power to flow through and illuminate the rooms. Yet when we rely on our strength or have high opinions of who we are, in turn taking the Glory, which only belongs to God, we become like a thrown breaker that has ceased to send the power.

He desires to use us powerfully and to be one with Him as He is one with the Father. In the Trinity there is no authoritarian all deflect Glory and honor to one another none is higher. This is the example that is set before us. This is safe, this kind of life in God allows us to experience His work as Co laborers. It’s our hands placed on the sick yet it’s his power healing and restoring.

Isaiah 42:8 I am the Lord that is my name and I will not give my glory to another nor praise to graven images.  

It’s simple and yet just like in the parable of the house on stilts (from a former blog) this message leaves you refreshingly broken. 

So may your ear hear a fresh the blessing from Jesus… Blessed are you who are poor in spirit, for yours is the Kingdom of God.        



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