An Opinion of the Church in America: Being Truthful vs. Being Nice

Bishop Polycarp before he was martyered at age 86... His congregation wanted to plead His case, he would not let them he was ready see his Lord
Bishop Polycarp before he was martyred at age 86... His congregation wanted to plead His case, he would not let them he was ready see his Lord

After a great day of ministry yesterday one of my best friends and I talked for hours. It is usually like trying to push each other out of the way to talk we get so excited… that’s how you know you are good friends. At one point we were talking about how amazing it is that after the worst month in recent economic history the churches are getting set a blaze. In the midst of our dialog I saw a vision of a log cabin that represented our economic establishment in the

It makes me sick to hear old school Christians talk about these being the last days. Because most of the time the undertone they speak with is “well I wish this old world would end so I could get the heck out of here.” Kind of like an escape from all of the creation God has us here to redeem. But lately I can’t help but to foresee more of the “cabin” getting cut down and the fire blazing up. 

US and I saw a small camp fire outside that represented the church. And in this vision I noted that over the last month God has chopped down part of our log cabin and thrown it into the fire. We have gotten upset about our cabin but now we have our fire.

One of my dearest friends is in another country right now, others I know are trying to find ways to get visas to move out. They are some of the truest Christians I know and I can’t say that what they are doing is wrong. All I know is that I am most excited about what God will do with those who trust Him here and now. 

As the economic ground continues to shake it will be amazing to see what will happen to the nominal church goers. There is only one safe place to be in this world and that is in God’s will. For two thousand years Christians have found there homes in prisons and in shackles in fact Bishop Polycarp said, 

 “I have greatly rejoiced with you in our Lord Jesus Christ, because ye have followed the example of true love [as displayed by God], and have accompanied, as became you, those who were bound in chains, the fitting ornaments of saints, and which are indeed the diadems of the true elect of God and our Lord; and because the strong root of your faith, spoken of in days long gone by, endureth even until now, and bringeth forth fruit to our Lord Jesus Christ, who for our sins suffered even unto death, [but] “whom God raised from the dead, having loosed the bands of the grave.”

What really troubles me is that there are “men of God” who report to presbys and have made a habit of preaching sermons the people want to hear and not what God is saying to HIS CHURCH. I would not want to be the man that would have to face the Lord and explain why he left out something in His sermon because he did not want to offend the people. God is not concerned with being nice he wants to be truthful. Some of us don’t want to hear from God because we know that what he has to say is correction and we don’t want our feelings hurt. My friends it’s time to wake up and here’ the smelling sauce. God is alive and he is stirring up His bride. He is jealous and He is getting lonely. He is tired of us ignoring Him and prioritizing our lives with out His direction.

One of my friends heard from God yesterday calling her to surrender. And I am so excited for her… She doesn’t see it now but being fully surrendered to Christ is the most freeing liberating choice one could ever make. In the blink of an eye the weight of your own will is taken and all you have now is the sheer joy of listening to God in simplicity. 

All I know that there is only one way to find fulfillment in life and it is to give all of who you are and what you have and lay it before God in prayer and watch what He does…. I dare you.


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