Revealing the Cards I Have Been Holding


I am beginning to see that the Lord has been protecting me from a lot. Kind of like a kid who has mastered the kiddy pool and didn’t realize that there was an Olympic sized right next to it. Had a dream the other week that some folks wanted me to share on here so I will…

I was swimming and diving in an underground pool/lake of sorts when a huge storm came and washed me out of the underground and on to the surface where I was caught in powerful rapids that I could not control or swim in. Then I saw a large tree before me and tried my best to just run into it. I ran into it and climbed up. Then a second dream happened where I was on a destroyed beach and there where shops and restaurants that were deserted. I found a phone and all of a sudden I could only remember one number… the one that was to my house that I grew up in.

All of this had to do with me submitting to an authority that God had put into my life and the Lord spoke deeply to me about recognizing our friends and partners in the church as family in the best and most profound since of the word. Specifically, I felt like the Lord was calling me to look at someone in my life like my spiritual mother. I never question my mother and her characteristics I passionately protect her and support her, this was a powerful revelation. In turn I wept realizing how much I needed this person to be my mother in the Lord someone I could trust and weep before and depend upon.

Recently I have entered into a new season of prayer that is wonderful… allowing me to be more aware than ever. For the past two years or so been in a rut that I could not get out of. But amazingly a person just mentioning part of there prayer life and it has started a wild fire.  

By the way beginning in January Rendezvous is launching, an interactive corporate prayer meeting with newly designed “water slides” that will launch folk into more deep personal and corporate prayer. I have never been more ready to step out and lead in this area.

After a dinner with the physical family at our house last night I felt the need to address my room mates little boy who was acting up. He had said some hateful things to his mother and she didn’t know how to react. After dinner I told him I wanted to talk to him so we went into my room where I shut the door and I got on the floor with my back against the door and looked into his eyes and begin to tell him how I expected him to respect and support his mother and that he was an example to his little sister. I told Him that I didn’t want to spank him but I loved him too much not to if he was going to continue to behave that way. The Lord was surely there… I remember many days where my mother would practically break down because of the stress of my brother and me… I wish there would have been someone around to speak so loving and forward to me, I needed it.

So I press on to the end of my semester, along with the “Dumb OX” Thomas Aquinas. Been studying Divine Foreknowledge, developing my own convictions about scripture and the world. I have always considered my self a part of the Church of God but who know where I will end up after seminary, been dreaming of a new church a Church of Prayer. I think it would work and be incredibly powerful, but I have given up my will now, All I do is listen and obey… it’s easier that way, plus there is no such thing as failure. We will see.

Been discussing basic theology with the small group lately, it has been amazing! Started with the apostle’s creed and the trinity probably next week going to the canon and the Christ. We will see.

That’s all I got.


2 thoughts on “Revealing the Cards I Have Been Holding

  1. I love you Jason Goodnight.

    1. I love the pic–guy playing poker with a motorcycle helmet on! Hilarious!

    2. I love your straight-forward honesty about what’s been going on!

    3. I love how much you love Gabe and Pheonix. Especially enough to play a part in helping them become the people of God they are meant to be.

    You make my heart happy! =)


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