The Lie

If I told you I have figured out that one piece of advice that we have all heard many times in our lives is a lie would you believe me? Would you recognize that I am right and never again believe the lie. It hinders most of our decisions and frustrates our paths, it keeps us from freedom and paralizes our mobility. We hear it comming from some other place daily like a haunting voice…

“You can not trust God with your life… He will make you His slave and make you do things that you will not like. He wants to take away your freedom to choose… He won’t let you do what you want. You should not surrender to Him.”


Maybe it’s time you experience Him again…

In 2 Chron. 7, Solomon’s Temple has just been built, none like it has ever been seen on this side of heaven. Solomon prays to the Lord and offers a crazy amount of sacrifices then… the glory of the Lord filled the Temple. Even the priests could not enter the Temple, all the Isaelites fell prostrate and cried…

“He is good; His love endures forever.”   

This was their break neck response to the presence of God, His eternal goodness. His trustworthyness. They were petrified by His glory but, “He is good..” came flying out of their mouths.



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