The Death of Heroes

Like Lost or Grey’s Anatomy or your favorite TV series this walk with God just keeps getting more interesting. The closer we get to God the more we recognize just how great He is… and unfortunately the more we recognize our grossness. For this reason well into Paul’s ministry he stated that “I am the chief of all sinners”.



I am a Marvel guy. I read comics, collect statues, hang out in comic stores… I love it and am not ashamed. In my simple love for this comic/hero world God has been challenging me. And for a long time I didn’t know why.

As of late I have been contemplating the Pelagian Heresy of the 4th century. This guy Pelagius hung around Rome and might have been a former British monk. He taught a doctrine that proclaimed that original sin did not taint human nature and that we still had the choice to make good and evil decisions. This may sound harmless but this is a foundation that throws everything built upon it out of balance.


When this theology is “fleshed out” it leads to man’s belief in himself. Jesus becomes a good teacher. Man thinks and says things like “I’m a good person… I deserve to go to heaven.” Ultimately Jesus’ sacrifice becomes nothing more than a blip on the timeline of history and grace becomes a fluffy word that has little significance. Just as implied earlier this was recognized as a heresy in the Patristic Church (the church in the first 500 years) and many Church Fathers wrote and taught against such matters. If you notice around you may see this same theology used in the new aged movement and in some liberal Christian theology.


So somewhere in my thinking I have been hoping for a hero; I have been on some level wishing to become a hero. But the truth is that there is only one hero; Christ Jesus. There is no room for the redeemed to become the redeemer. We have fallen from righteousness and can only be reconciled by the blood of the lamb. The blood is what makes us right with God and what gives us the ability to be good people. I am not saying that you should be less respectable towards those around you who are impressive. But I am saying that you should not worship your Pastor or you teacher. They are men just like you, capable of the same mistakes as you. What should be done is to recognize that the good you see in others you should be praising God for, He is surly the maker of all things good.


So I write to you but mainly to myself, to remind me of what the Lord has been revealing to me and to state I repent from engaging too heavily in a world were men (or mutants) could be mini-saviors.

Jesus, you are King of Kings and you are Lord of my life. I surrender yet another part of the heart that you long to fully dwell in. Have your way.  


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