Saint Gangs Signs Concluded

early_church_fathersHello faithful blogging buddies. I have been posting random paintings of saints throughout history who have been gesturing strange thing with their hangs. I have been fascinated by it and have finally got a little more insight that you would probably be interested in.

I knew that the sign that they were giving was a “blessing” but in no way did I realize how. Until I spoke about it with my mother in law who has been serving hearing impaired children most of her life (she is also saint-ish). I showed her a couple of the paintings and she told me that they were signing in sign language the number 7. That begin to roll around in my head to how God and the scriptures point to 7 as being the number of completion as in the 7 days of creation, the 7 golden lamp stands, the 7 spirits of God (Rev. 4:5), and even the 7 eyes of the lamb of God in revelation.

Furthermore I came to the conclusion that the reason why this sign and sign language was even used was because of the saints care for the underprivileged such as the deaf.

So to conclude the strangely insightful rabbit trail of “Saint Gang Signs”, I want you to know that one through five is counted on one hand starting with the pointer. Then using your thumb you touch your pinky to sign six then your ring finger to sign seven… then middle finger eight and so on. Hence the blessing that you have seen in the picks.


Hope you can sleep well tonight knowing that.


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