It’s Time to Quit Being Friendly and Be Family

Reflections on Ephesians 4

There is a group of people on earth that have the spirit of God in them. They love like Him and speak like Him. They even act like Him.

Jesus Christ died so that they could exist. 132_32171

He has given the characteristics of Himself to dwell in His people permanently. The presence of Him is in our brothers. We can know Him by knowing our brothers and sisters.

Your colleague at work who is a Christian, she is your sister, your eternal sibling who you are responsible for protecting and honoring.

Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers in the Lord are the most precious gift, next to Christ, that man has.

It’s time we quit taking Jesus’ bride for granted. It’s time we quit being friendly and be family.

Value the Church, cherish the body of Christ, dwell with them, uphold them, protect them, do not forsake them. Surely the more we learn to value the body the more abundantly our Father will dwell in us.


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