Love Till’ it Hurts

God loved people enough that He sent a part of Himself, His Son, to us[1]. This Son this God in flesh was a man who was grief-stricken[2]; all He saw broke His heart. He was weighted down with sadness and sorrow so much so that He constantly had to spend time with Father God[3]. When one of His friends died He cried in public… imagine that Godlove_tat crying in public[4]. At one point He even speaks over the city in a longing hunger to give her the love she needs[5].


He loved so deeply that it caused pain and suffering before His death, and as we all know, it was His brutal death that freed us to have salvation and ultimately to have Him in our hearts[6]. So He abides in us and makes His home in us[7], yet we spend our time checking each other out, getting disgusted at how poor others are. We spend time frustrated that they could be so dumb.  


Folks, I’m first in line to admit my fault here, so why not get behind me and pray what Paul longed for, to know the suffering of Jesus Christ[8].

Jesus’ heart melted like wax within Him[9]. He loved so much that it caused pain. We have those folks all around us that need that type of love. We have to step up.


So may our hearts grow and abound in love. May judgment be left to the Creator[10] and may we participate in the type of compassion that mandates suffering.

[1] John 3:16

[2] Isaiah 53:3

[3] Matthew 14:13

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[5] Luke 13:34

[6] John 17:23

[7] John 14:23

[8] Phil. 3:10

[9] Psalm 22:14

[10] Matthew 7:1


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