Parting Words for Co-workers

Woke up this morning and emotions flooded my mind.
I began to think about what I value and what I will miss most about _______... I figured out that I won't necessarily miss ______ the corporation (although it is by far the best company I've worked for), I really won't miss the kind of work that I did (although I found it to be fun), I won't miss my heavy shoes, or my strange fitting pants, ect.

But I will miss you.
The relationships we've had have been life changing and that has been and is my joy. I say this because it's so much clearer now that I won't get to see you under these circumstances any longer.

So I encourage you to make a small change in your life today.

Realize that if you were gone tomorrow _______ would still go on. But, the relationships you have with all those around you is what matters most. The memories and the influence you have on others will always last.
Don't miss out on the best part of life!
I will miss you guys and will do my best to stay in touch.
Carrying you in my memories and prayers,

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