Bed-Ridden w/ Jesus

I’ve been bed-ridden sick the last couple of days. Can’t have lights on because my eyes hurt; can’t get comfortable, hot and sweaty or cold and shivering. You get the picture. What has troubled me most about the last few days is that my prayer and devotional time has been dramatically reduced.

You have to understand that this is where my life is found. All I am is In Christ I have no other identity. I’m not tryin’ to sound pious, this is the simple truth. But what does a Jesus freak become when he’s not spending chunks of time with Jesus? If I was left to my own devices, who knows? But Jesus reminded me this afternoon that it wasn’t my praying or my devotions that made me who I was. He reminded me that we are integrated, that we have become one.

After He shared this with me, He led me to a certain passage to write a devotion.  I was floored at the timeliness of the word, He wanted me to share about His grace. Grace hasn’t appeared on my landscape in this raw fashion in a long while,  I welcomed it because I needed it. See grace, the way He has shown it to me is the reason why we have joy, it’s the point of the gospel. But sometimes, especially times like this when I want to beat myself up, grace is refreshing, grace is God.

So here I lay, still sick, still longing to be better so that I can fully commune with my Jesus. But, I do so with confidence knowing that we are one, that He will never leave me or forsake me, and that His grace is sufficient.


One thought on “Bed-Ridden w/ Jesus

  1. even in your misery…He is there communing with you…it is Grace. hope the thing passes soon for you…be healed, He paid the bill already 🙂

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