Just Venting

insert rant here\\\

Been writing devotions for an event we are hosting. Somewhere between my leadership, my pride, and God’s desire, I decided to write the daily devotions personally. Could of gotten 30 great Psalms and sent them out each day, could of s used one of many the devotional books I have. But no, each day I wrangle down a few scriptures from God. Then find out what God wants to say through these scriptures, not easy either. We are on day 27 right now, praise God!

Some days it comes easy like turning on a light switch. Others, I spend most of the day trying to figure it out. Can’t emphasis how much of a struggle it was today. Finally after second guessing the scripture reference He told me at 7am, He leads me to another passage emphasizing the same concept, Acts 3:6 then Acts 14:8. Amazingly assured, I ratta tatted the half page about healing and am done with that for the day. 3 more days of devotions then who knows…

/// end rant


One thought on “Just Venting

  1. i have appreciated your efforts. some of them were Divine Finger Pokes into my heart…ouchie! but cleansing too. thank you for wrestling. (really? only 3 more days left?)

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