In Time Out

If GOD were to honestly tell you how I’ve been lately He would tell you I’ve been a SPOILED BRAT. After complaining for part of the day, for no good reason, I finally came to the place of desperation and brokenness.

Almost immediately He began to speak to me clearly, giving me council, and releasing some unseen blessings over my prophetic giftings.

It was awesome to simply hear from Him, but just as importantly I once again was reminded of how He blesses the poor in spirit, and opposes the proud. These are the rules of the game, (2 Tim 2:5) I can’t expect Him to function otherwise.

Moreover, what a good Father we have that when we quit acting like babies, He’s willing to reward us with gifts that surpass our worthiness.

Yep, I’ve been a brat, but I repented and He blessed me.


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