Like Potatoes ~ Reflection

Typically I’m either Mary or Martha… you know what I mean I’m Jason, but typically I’m either sitting at Jesus feet intently or serving Jesus intently. There’s very few in between modes for me. Today I was sitting at the feet of the disciples, listening. I heard some crazy things. Things that blew my mind. The following are quotes from today.

I live in a fort I built in the woods.

I had been playing basketball at the Church, checking the same guy each week. When my court date came, in walks the guy who I had been playing basketball with to be my opposing prosecutor.

I’ve seen crazy things, I had a gun pointed to my head at point blank range and they pulled the trigger and nothing happened. They pointed it up in the air and it shot.

(After I explained an amazing ministry Charlotte 24-7 does (The Justice Project) and giving the details of the  sacrificial giving) Do you preach the Gospel to them?

(After I asked if it was okay for me to pray for a gentleman) I’m high and drunk, but I know what I’m doing. I grew up in the church. I want to get back right with God.

I’ve always been wanting. When I was a boy I got a dime and just couldn’t help wanting to spend it. My momma told me to stay, but I just wouldn’t listen. I got hit by a car crossing the road to the store. I think that’s when it all started. (same guy who was drunk, high, and homeless)

Hope that this doesn’t shed bad light on my day. It was just simply profound that these amazing things were shared with me in conversation. Prayers were prayed and tears were shed. Some fruit of ministry comes quick like turning on a light switch, that happened today. But other fruit grows like potatoes, under the ground. You won’t know if it’s there or how much is there until it’s pulled out of the ground. I guess that’s why we walk by faith and not by sight.

Lord, touch these folks who let me and you in today, bring light into the dark places of their hearts. Redeem them and all their stories, remove their shame and guilt. Save every last one and keep them in your hand.


3 thoughts on “Like Potatoes ~ Reflection

    1. Amazing right! You should of heard the tone she used when she asked it. I responded kindly… and didn’t make the connection for her. Lord, make the connection for her.

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