Dad’s Chair

Dad has a chair he sits in. He is easily found. In our city, it’s 24-7 that people come to find him.

Today at the sacred space there is orchestrated chaos. One guy eats in a prayer booth, while another just dozed to sleep. A young business women pours out her heart to God, while two ladies sit across the room and chat about husbands. Thought about waking the one guy up and explaining the rules, but who doesn’t fall asleep in His presence from time to time.

As of late, lot’s of the individuals who come here are a little more sketchy. Conversations are not easy, handshakes are off rhythm.  But somehow In the midst of the chaos I notice that we all have the same Dad, and that He loves us all the same.

Here we don’t talk about 401K or pension funds (whatever that is).

Here it’s Jesus. He is all, and that’s what’s relevant to all.

Love my Dad and His crazy kids.


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