The Fullness of God in Experience

I’ve had some interesting experiences with the Lord lately. Some in private, some in public. These experiences have not come as a result of my upbringing or of my current religious culture.  They have come from my desire for more of God.

As I have been researching these experiences and talking with people who have been raised in environments where these things are the norm, I’ve noticed some polarity to the experiences. It’s interesting to me. I have found that when it comes to the most profound things of God, people throw the baby our with the bath water. To some extent I understand that notion. But as I have been experiencing and seeing strange occurrences and asking God if this is from Him, He affirms that what I have witnessed is.

So here I sit firmly holding the baby in the bath water. I desire to see God set free from the straight jacket we have placed around Him in our beliefs. Not sure where this will take me or who will want to throw me out. But the only person who has earned my undying trust is Christ, and it is He that I will follow.


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