Kung-Fu Grip ~

Where you at?

Most times as I share here I share from the overflow of my heart and not from my personal issues. That’s not really why your here and that’s not what I want you to take away. So without being overly cryptic I want to share with you some personal stuff while not revealing too much…

Just recently I entered into a season of learning  the hardest and the most beneficial lesson I can imagine. It’s one of the last major areas where a sured surrender and trust has not been established.

It’s where I is.

So the most amazing thing about this most uncomfortable time is that with a lot of help from God this season is bearable. I know there will be bumps and bruises, but ultimately I have peace.

What’s so amazing is that I had no peace until I truly and honestly presented my troubled soul to God for council. For about a day I found it impossible to let go of the kung-fu grip I had on it. But when I really took time to sit and wait, read and listened. He spoke words to me with an authority and power that I know to trust.

Immediately the huge burden that had attempted to crush me was lifted.

He told me that “I’m the one who allowed this… I take my children and teach them a lesson… Don’t let your circumstances determine your peace.”

Of coarse there are other things He shared that are for my insight into the area He is working in. But I wanted to share this and tell you that wherever you are and whatever your circumstances are, if you seek Him He will be found and He can always provide a perspective that will give you peace.

Your season is His season for you.

Your kung-fu grip is no match for His love punch.


One thought on “Kung-Fu Grip ~

  1. Good morning Jason,
    I found you site this morning when wanting to add a Picture to go with what the Lord has put in my heart this morning. A new song I sing unto the Lord.
    I read only a few of your entries, this one and the one on prayer from last year caught my heart.
    God bless you.

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