Giving to Caesar What Belongs to Him

Testimony time!

“Give to Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s.”

I have been hearing these words of Jesus in my ear for a about a week. Repetitive, seemingly abstract… confusing.

For many years I have fought to move upward in this life. Had plans for success in business and had been on track to make significant fiscal gain. Then my calling to ministry drew me out of the upward track and onto the downward track. Instead of getting it all, it is now giving it all away. Quite a shift to say the least.

So for several weeks finances have been a struggle. All the while I have known this season was for God to teach me to trust Him. Knowing this really helped, but gets challenged when you have no money for groceries.

So back to the words He has been telling me,

“Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

Throughout my career in “the world” I have received many check from many companies, and honestly in my walk of faith I have cared very little for money. Money has just been there to spend and to give away. But when it stopped coming in, I kinda freaked.

But I hear, “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”.

What I discovered is that God was not asking me to give money to Caesar He was asking me to give this troubling part of my heart that belonged to Caesar back to Caesar. To trust God.

Since this new discovery I have had great peace, peace that does not originate or rest in the the things we see. And in addition to the new peace, I have seen more than a handful of “checks” lately…  not signed by Caesar, but signed by GOD HIMSELF!!

What a great and amazing God we serve.


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