The Burden

January 1st 2010 the founding director of Charlotte 24-7 held my hands in the middle of the prayer room and imparted the full weight of the ministry into and on to me. For the first few days afterwards I teetered under the weight not knowing what I had gotten myself into. It was physically, emotionally, and spiritually strange.

Twelve days later I had one of the most profound prayer experiences I’d ever had. Not sure how to categorize it Biblically, I was praying in my room when I entered a vision and met with Jesus. His face is remarkably beautiful. One of the things that I remember most about His face is that His jaws were strong and well defined. In this vision he led me from a city street into what I can only imagine was the temple and in past what seemed to be the veil. In that place He showed me images and information in what seemed like a movie screen, but was it was much more effective.

As He led me in He said “Come in after me I will be found, Come to the deep places let me show you the depths… I have been heavy scared by the well intentioned people. They have placed limits on what’s possible with God. Most always leave room for what’s possible with God… I have never wanted to keep anything from you.”

As He took me into this deep place He showed me a pastor who I know of and gave me words for Him concerning His influence in the city, then He told me to have him pray for me. He also showed me another pastor and gave me words for him. That was pretty much the end of it. Short and powerful.

Okay so fast forward to February 23rd 2010, I finally got to meet with the first pastor and humbly deliver the word for Him. He is an amazing man who made it easy to share with. Our meeting was special to say the least. I don’t know how how the words I had impacted him but in obedience to the Lord and this most profound message, I asked Him to pray for me. I humbled myself in front of him and let him lay hands on me and speak whatever was on his heart.

Amazingly, this brother turned out to be one of the most passionate and raw people of prayer I’ve known. He let it loose on me sharing with me things that will prepare, things that encourage, and practical cover fire that will protect. But towards the end of this unleashing prayer he paused and in reverence and sincerity towards me and the situation (that tells of his humility) he asked God “Would you give Jason the burden of intercession for the city?” He asked again and we humbled ourselves with quietness in the asking.

At that point not sure what the answer to the question was because in part of his asking he said “would you wake him up in the middle of the night burdened for the city” and I was honestly was not really excited about losing sleep (shamefully). Our time ended with much love and kinship that will stand the test the time.

This morning I woke up with The Burden. My heart’s cry is now the city need’s Him. The meetings with the city’s pastors that I had been shying away from now has an agenda. The prayer meetings for the city will now have a substance that was not there before.

Not sure why I shared this story, I know its profound nature to me deserves to be sealed away as personal and intimate with my Lord. But It baffles me that in obedience to share with my new pastor friend what God showed me, God had plans to take him and pray life altering words into and over me.

We serve and awesome and powerful God, my friends, whose way are not our ways and thoughts are not our thoughts.


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