Maybe I’m Just a Simpleton.

At best we can prophesy in part. The word says that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher that our thoughts. That the greatest wisdom of man is still lesser than the lowest intellect of God.

In my stint in the Kingdom I’ve erred on two major fronts. One is that i’ve sought to understand God theologically that led me to a pride in my knowledge of God. This was stupid.

Another is that I think because I prophecy I have God all figured out. I make assumptions and begin to think highly of myself. This is also stupid.

The only healthy place I’ve found is the low place where I choose to not take on the burden of knowing stuff. I choose to use all my energy to know Him. And in knowing Him I trust that the decisions He makes for me will be best theologically and best prophetically.

What I think we don’t understand about this is most of us hang out in one of the two erring camps and judge the other one for being wrong while both are incorrect. Both of the extremes God has mercy for,but longs to bring us into the child-like trust where we make Him Lord of every decision and we can just sit back and rest in it all. Swinging our sword when necessary and defending our faith when necessary.

I could be wrong but this is where I find my home. Maybe I’m just a simpleton.


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