The Bride.

Persecuted for righteousness sake?

Sometimes situations turn out unfavorably and with quickness we think that we are being persecuted. This is EASY when dealing with the church. We are prone to be skeptical and weary of the church. If you think about it, it makes since. The bride it the representation of God’s grace toward all in the world. She is where the grace of God can be discovered. Our adversary works to separate us from this life giving body. We build arguments, then write books, and even develop counter church culture, etc. etc.

BUT, if we were truthful with ourselves most of the time we claim persecution it’s not because we were righteous, but because we are at fault. And instead of looking at our actions that led up to the situation at hand we point at the church. It’s much easier to be upset at someone else than it is to be truthful with ourselves.

Lately I’ve been recognizing how much God loves His bride, no matter how much she rebels, no matter how late she stays out at night, no matter how many tattoos she gets. He is the one who laid down His life to make her pure and white. He is the one who lusts for her, who’s attraction to her doesn’t make since.

Who will be the one to step between a Holy God and His beloved. Not me.


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