Be not drunk with wine…

Recently read a yard sign that said “Wine a Little, you’ll feel better.” The pun is cute but the message has troubled humanity for as long as we have existed. The problem is not with wine or alcohol, the problem is choosing to be intoxicated and distracted from what we are responsible for.

Wining a little will make you feel better… but ultimately it will not make things better. There are so many injustices in the world that are now at pandemic proportions with no easy fix or solution. Because we have been “wining”.

There is a massive oil spill in the middle of the gulf. Oh well, wine a little. War? Bring out the wine. Poor? Wine please. Racism? Wine. Violence? Wine.

Our world has built the whole global market on this lie.  And we either churched or not are living in it.

We must wake up, and put down the wine.


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