State of the Union ~ June 21st, 2010

Shocked this Monday morning and moving very slowly after one of the most significant weekends of my life.

Witnessed the triumphant revival of my nearly silent ministry partner on Saturday morning. Much like the lioness waking up to fulfill her role that cubs were pretending to play before her rise. Her partnership is unquestionably like the formulation of the key components of an atomic bomb.

Then on Sunday we were publicly being honored at Renovatus as we stepped down and away to follow Christ in His plans for us.

Been seriously emotional, and it may take a while to take it all in.  But I can’t help but begin to to wonder what’s next? When will the next assignment come?

I feel like a secret agent waiting on the next assignment, not knowing how to function without it.

We will see, for now I will just let the wind blow and the dust settle.

Perfect peace you say? Ah yes, mind stayed on You. I got it.


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