Living as a Son of The King

“Son, how will you run with horses if you fail at running with mere mortals?

Let yourself take rest in me. Live in light of my glory.

Allow me to take your burdens and carry them.

Learn to put your trust in me in difficult situations.

Allow me to defend you and care for you.”

Being a son of The King has many benefits that are unknown, unseen, and incomprehensible. The benefits are given to those who trust, obey, and love The King. After many years of coming in and out of His shadow, I now have my goal set before me. Live as a son of The King.

Lord, you know how my mouth confesses great desire and need for you, but my soul finds its rest in others. Lord, I long to rest in you. To not worry about bad news coming,but to trust in you. To turn my enemy on his back as he fiercely attacks. To see 10,000 falling at my side and walk fearlessly. Lord, thank you for this season of training. Forgive me for my disdain for it. I love you, Lord.


One thought on “Living as a Son of The King

  1. Most falsely believe the “good life” consists of embracing material wealth; however you have truly found that pearl as aforementioned. PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER

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