“If were adding to the noise turn off this song, If were adding to the noise turn off your stereo, radio,video.”   ~   Switchfoot

Don’t read this blog if you feel like it’s only adding another voice that is contrary to what you know to be the Spirit of God. We have enough of those voices. My desire is that you would feel safe to consume here.

As of late I have been overwhelmed with how hard it is to think clearly when I am constantly bombarded with so many opinions and perspectives. (Most of which are probably well meaning people like myself, yikes.) I wonder if in history past there was this much noise to sift through. Or were there the right amount of silence to help discern the voice of Truth.

I’ve been reminded lately that churches are competing for members and the way they are trying to “earn” members is through entertainment. I see a TV preacher  using theater props every week, some churches are projecting their services on theater screens. Jesus preached against hypocrites calling them “playactors”. Is this really happening to what God has desired to be His bride. Are we really being boiled down to a few carnal activities and calling it church.

On the way home today from “church” my wife was questioning why she always got hungry at “church”. And I realized that I am sick and tired of folks using the word “church” to describe an event. If you have accepted Christ’s sacrifice, repented, and received His Spirit you ARE the church. And the church isn’t entertainment it’s a group of people committed to loving God and loving each other.

All the freakin’ books and seminars, all the sermons and theologies, all the hype and competition has NOTHING to do with me and you BEING the church. We are who we are by the blood of Jesus, and this life is suppose to be about learning what this all means as we are loved and love our Savior. We walk as a pure bride sharing the great beauty and grace that God has shown us. Allowing the truth of the future reign of Jesus break through into this very moment.

God wants a people who live in union with each other and in union with Him. So watch your movies, and be entertained if you like. I’d rather experience the abundant life of God with my siblings.


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