One of the most famous designers is the American company Apple. The Apple designers spend most of their time designing so that the products feel like they weren’t designed. Their desire is that the product will function with ease for the purpose it was created for. Apple designs are clever, sleek, and attractive.

Our God designed us to worship and to interact with each other, to Love God with our all and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We were also created with the ability to reject these purposes and do our own thing.

What does it mean to you to be created to love God and our neighbors? Are our accessories that we purchase and use contributing to the original purpose of our creation? Are we self-absorbed, self-entertained, self-centered? Could this be contributing to depression and sadness?

Are the products we use separating us from living in our purpose? Are we living in such a way that we are performing at maximum capacity, loving God well and loving our neighbor well? Huh.


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