My Heart is Black (A Rant)

Deut 15:12-15  (The Message)

12-15 If a Hebrew man or Hebrew woman was sold to you and has served you for six years, in the seventh year you must set him or her free, released into a free life. And when you set them free don’t send them off empty-handed. Provide them with some animals, plenty of bread and wine and oil. Load them with provisions from all the blessings with which God, your God, has blessed you. Don’t for a minute forget that you were once slaves in Egypt and God, your God, redeemed you from that slave world.

There is never any debate about the fact that it was grace that saved you on that one sweet day. You accepted Christ and sheerly by grace and His invasive love he set you free. The problem is that from that day forward we have tried to earn that grace and pay God back for His sweet gift.

Furthermore, when we live in that mentality for very long we start to look at those dirty and God-less sinners with shame, and we distant ourselves from them. We have to wake up and once again recognize that it will always be by God’s grace and power that we are in right standing with God. This is what God was trying to tell the Israelites by saying, “remember you were once slaves in egypt.” Now God is saying to us, remember you were once slaves to sin I set you free, you would be just like “those” people if it weren’t for me.

We make an error when we try to “love people better” I know the sentiment is good, but we must first try to fully recognize our own wickedness that God has delivered us from. Then when we get in touch with that reality, we can love deeply.

My heart is black, I’m a wretch. But Jesus saw fit to give me life. I am overwhelmingly grateful.

So let us care for one another from this place of sobriety. So that we might love well and walk with reverence.


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