chew more.

Lectio Divina, latin for holy reading, is the most powerful spiritual discipline that I practice. Find a couple of passages and spend 20-30 minutes going through these four cycles of reading, mediating, praying, and contemplating. Compared to chewing cud like cows it’s amazing how much nutrients God’s word has in it when we chew more.

  • lectio (reading): “looking on Holy Scripture with all one’s will and wit”
  • meditatio (meditation): “a studious insearching with the mind to know what was before concealed through desiring proper skill”
  • oratio (prayer): “a devout desiring of the heart to get what is good and avoid what is evil”
  • contemplatio (contemplation): “the lifting up of the heart to God tasting somewhat of the heavenly sweetness and savour”


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