Flooding the Thrown Room ~ Feb. 2009

A few years ago a prophetess visited our church from Italy. She said that she had a word from the Lord that “we had lifted up many prayers to God.”

Until recently I was not encouraged by this word. I thought it was kind of vain. But recently I realized that if God alter-of-insense2knew how much we asked of Him that this must be an honorable thing.

To ask of God is to need God. I want to need God. I want God to be needed.

Thinking about what James says lately also has encouraged me. James says by the Holy Spirit that, “You do not have because you do not ask God.(James 4:2)” So now I realize since my prayers are being heard I will flood the throne of Heaven beseeching God for all that He might desire. I do not want one stone to be left unturned if by my faith God can change this world.

So Lord help me hear you so I agree with you. By the Blood of Jesus.


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