what I’m not.

For the foreseeable future I am not planning on going back to seminary. For some folks Theological Education is the path for them to prepare for their careers. The time I have spent was valuable and formidable. I find myself, at this point, having floods of questions and concerns about all that I see in these institutions and can’t quite put the right words together to properly articulate what I’m thinking and feeling. When exploring Christian Academia I kinda feel like I’m pregnant and that there are certain parameters I must stay in to protect the growth of my child. In other words, I feel unsafe in these places.

They say that Rob Bell did poorly in his preaching classes at Wheaton. For anyone who has heard him preach that seems paradoxical, he is heralded at one of the most innovative and effective preachers of our time and yet the folks at Wheaton thought he was dumb or unwilling to conform. I’m not comparing myself to him in a prideful way, I’m just feeling like the system that is set up is not prepared to help me flourish in my calling.

So here I am trying to wrap my head around what it is that is happening in my life and some of the best hints I’m getting these days is finding out what I’m not.

Gleefully Unsettled,


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