love suffers.

It’s been 6 days since Brett left the earth. His laughter and joy have been on my heart and in my ears. More than that, it’s been something his twin brother said that has shook me up. Cam mentioned at Brett’s funeral that Brett went through a lot of suffering behind the scenes. He said that much of the times we saw Brett over the past few years he was typically in pain in some manner and that the laughing, encouraging, guy we knew was the guy who desired to live a fully healthy life. He enjoyed people, he enjoyed being with us, it must of helped him live.  In the midst of Cam’s talk he quoted a portion of 1 Cor. 13, he said “Love suffers”.  Love suffers… love suffers, hmm?

Brett had lived a life of suffering, from age 2 he was treated like a science experiment. And yet he was more like Christ (in the rawest since) than anyone I’d ever met. He overflowed with joy, encouragement, prophecies, and revelations. Laughing hysterically is the way I will always picture Brett. Yet, he was a man who suffered.

The Bible says that Jesus was a man of suffering…

I wonder how much we avoid suffering? I wonder how much we cuss the devil when God intended the challenges for our good? I wonder which addictions around me are preventing God from putting us on the fast track to transformation?

You know we love to talk about the spiritual disciplines that we can control, but what about the other means God is using? What about the way that God Himself changes those who are willing put themselves under His hand and not turn away? What about those who just won’t quit pleading for Him, asking for more, asking for help, asking to see His face? Those who weep for Him and cry out from the depths of their hearts? Those who see brokenness and hurt? Those who suffer?

Won’t He answer their call?

Some part of me knows that Brett was so loved by God that God took Him home to be with Him. Brett is 6 days into Brett’s new life, and I bet it’s indescribably awesome.

Thank you, Lord, thank you.


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