breaking the mold.

There’s a time when a boy becomes a man. When a men-tee becomes a mentor, when a person takes what has been taught them and puts it to use in ways that the teacher never knew existed.

You’ve had those folks in your life who taught you all they knew, and they are held in the highest honor. I encourage you to see past what they taught you, to know that in this dance of the faith there is always higher ground because simply our God is fabulously deep and mysterious.

I think it brings your teachers and mentors the most honor by learning what they taught and expanding upon it. So that they are a catalyst to you doing what they could not. And so that those you teach will hopefully use it to run much farther down the road than you could.

What I’m trying to tell you is don’t spend too much time looking around to see how you should live out your call. Look to the One who called you and who created you. See those around you as extensions of God himself, not boundaries to be held captive by. He is desiring to break the mold with your life, let Him.



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