Love is non responsive to changes in the environment. No, love is a mystical thing that supersedes logic and feelings. Love is often quiet and secretive. Yet it permeates every fiber of your being when it’s around. Love cannot be pointed to, can not be quarantined, or pretended. Love can not be thrown at another person in a word.

No, love is much much deeper than that. Love is guttural and full of aches and pains. Love suffers and endures. Love falls silent and listens.

Love is okay with being unnoticed and under-apprieciated, it does not keep score. Love wakes you up at night and reminds you of other’s pain. Love talks about the deep stuff and keeps secrets to the death. Love does not gossip or carry critique behind it’s eyes.

Love is restless and unsettled. Loves wants the best for others and sacrifices itself for them. Love is selfless and kind. Never seeks it’s own pleasure, for that would change it’s whole purpose.Love.


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