rant on sex/porn.

Is it me or is the sex/porn industry, that has made its way into every day life of the American, just as alluring, destructive, and pleasure fleeting as smoking crack?! 

In the big scheme of things, being sexy and selling sexy consumes most all of us and ends up corrupting our minds; and yet sex is only a small facet of life. A facet of life that is suppose to be holy and beautiful, a gift from God. I am not apposed to sex (give me a break), but when I look at the landscape of the many lives that I know, I see that this one facet of life is being wielded by the devil as he steals, kills, and aborts the progress and success of many many folks. This one holy gift has been kidnapped and turned into a monster that haunts millions of americans. And yet because of it’s drawing and seductive nature we are unaware of the way that it has made us lame.

When will God’s people stand up to the terrible destruction going on within our communities? When will we all recognize the vileness we are all living in? For it seems that like the frog who sits in the water on the stove it might be too late before we recognize we are all being boiled alive.


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