A good friend of mine became a Marine about a year ago. Prior to leaving to go to basic training he worked out like a mad man. Right before he left he was very muscular, the best looking shape I had ever seen him in.

When he got back from basic we went out to eat. To my amazement he was way slimmer than when he left. His massive chest and arms were trimmed down dramatically. They had shaped him to be a tool that was easy to use. He was lean and mean. Trained to be responsive to orders, disciplined, and in perfect shape to accomplish the kind of tasks that his superiors would ask of him.

Jesus tells us in John 15 that he trim or cleans the branches that abide in His vine, so that they might bare more fruit. Jesus has a plan for us and he is wanting to draw us to a leanness that we have not known. He is wanting to clear our heads of all the sacrifices we plan on making and remind us that obedience is better. He doesn’t need us to be the Kingdom, He simply wants us to play our part.

What a relief that in our obedience we help to fulfill the overarching plan of our master. What a relief that the leanness God is calling us to will work perfectly with the tasks He will call us to. There is a sabbath’s day rest as Hebrews states, it’s in simple obedience.


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