the scapegoat.

In a couple of relationships I have found myself paying the price for others failures. For example one of my friends was hurt really badly by a close friend, so when I get close to them they sometimes respond awkwardly for no good reason. I love my friend and choose not to be offended by their awkward actions.

For some of these relationships the people realize that I am paying that price and actually ask me to forgive them. The strange thing is that it doesn’t bother me to pay the price of someone else’s faults, not when I know that healing is happening as a result. Somehow I feel like the endurance and compassion that I draw from when I encounter these moments of payment are somehow a God thing.

This makes me wonder what it means to think that Christ took our sins in His body. It makes me think of the biblical concept ofthe scapegoat and  the atonement.

Furthermore, what does it mean to carry our crosses? To turn the other cheek? To Forgive?

How are we to be used to heal the people?


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