walk in the Spirit.

“When an airplane is flying the law of aerodynamics is working, the engines are going and it’s exerting a certain amount of energy and that energy is stronger than the law of gravity. If you were to turn that engine off you would see the law of gravity’s power instantly. The law of gravity never ceases.

Our victory over lust and sin in this age is not about the law of gravity disappearing. It’s about introducing a greater law in the presence of the law of gravity.

You could talk to the pilot and tell them that “this airplane has been going for hours I have confidence in it, I don’t think you need the engines anymore, this plane has a great track record it’s never wreaked it’s never crashed, turn the engine off.” Obviously the law of gravity would instantaneously have dominion. Because the law of gravity never ever ceases to exist, but we know that the law of aerodynamics are superior to it.

Our interaction with the Spirit is parallel to the law of aerodynamics we have to have a present interaction with the Spirit tonight, tomorrow, and everyday. We have to always walk in the Spirit, or the law of sin will gain the dominion in our daily walk.”    ~   Mike Bickle


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