Some thought that it was strange when children in school were to use calculators for their math. They were made to become dependent on the little weird electronic devices. Then came word processors that corrected spelling errors, and like the calculator a dependance was wrought. Now, the businessman can’t think about his calendar without looking to his computer, less books are printed as we are developing more dependance upon the electronic library that exists… well somewhere.

But for us who walk with God there is a way that we write down revelations and memorize passages as if they were something that we needed to hold on to.

What if God didn’t want us to hold too tightly to doctrine, theology, and to revelations? What if He just wanted us to depend upon Him? Maybe He would give us the proper words when we needed them? What if we could not worry so much about trying to keep it all together? What if we left room for Him to work in the hearts of man, instead of efforting to make it all clear? What if He wanted us to leave Him room to work? What if we were dependent?


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